Let me introduce my Hokaido !!
By Saemi Maki

Hokkaido is the top of Japan.
There are a lot of nature, many interesting places to visit, fresh and delicious food, and warm people.
We can see the beautiful cycle of the seasons in Hokkaido.
It has warm spring, comfortable summer,not wet summer, beautiful autumn, and very cold winter
It is only Hokkaido to experience them.
So Hokkaido is worthwhile to come, so if you have interesting just a little,
You should come to Hokkaido at least once!!
Once you come to Hokkaido, you will be hooked on Hokkaido!!


It is the middle of Hokkaido.
This area is famous for lavender, purple flower, like photo.
In the end of July, it is the best season to see lavender.
Not only seeing the flower, but also we enjoy eating lavender ice cream cone.
Of course, we can buy lavender goods.
Furano is crowded with thousands of tourists in the summer.

These two farms are very famous garden in Hokkaido.

TOMITA farm http://www.farm-tomita.co.jp/e/index.html
KANNO farm http://www1.ocn.ne.jp/%7Ekanno/

Everyone in Hokkaido knows "Kitaichi Glass" in Otaru. It is name of glass shop.
There are many kinds of glasses matched with seasons.
For example, in September, many glasses put maple design. There are not Japanese-style but also Western-style works. I like them. It's always not tire for me to see. You can make original glass by yourself.

Kitaichi glass

It flourish as fishing port to exchange with other country.
I recommend the city because the only city covers many kinds of sides such as sightseeing, fresh food, scenery, hot springs and so on.
There are building of history.
For example, Goryokaku Tower, the old public hall, the old Branch of the Hokkaido Government.
If you go there, you can enter them. Night view is worth to see absolutely. Hokkaido is very big .
So you have a little time, you should go to Hakodate!!
Hakodate city
night view



It is boast of Hokkaido that every food is delicious. Not only local people but also many tourists said.
Be careful to gain your weight at least for 2~3Kg, you come to Hokkaido.I picked up the best choice restaurants.
Sea food First of all, my family and I go there "Misaki" every year.
We can eat "urchin," "cuttlefish lunch,"and "Abalone."
Misaki Address: Hisi-machi236, Syakotan-cho, syakotan-gun, HokkaidoTel: 0135-45-6547 Open: am7~pm6
No Holiday (from April to November)
Genghis Khan (lamb meat)

Have you ever eat lamb meat? I think lamb meat is original in Hokkaido.Other area in Japan is not famous.I like the best meat I eat ever.
The restaurant I recommend is very rural. So if you want to go, please call under phone number or you come to Hokkaido and ask this address to Hokkaido people.
Shirakaba Address: Kiyokawacho Nishi2sen 126, Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan
Tel: 0155-60-2058 Open: am11~pm5 Holiday: Monday

Sweet I choise two sweet shops. One named "Rokkatei" All kinds of sweets are assorted at this store.
Another shop is mainly chocolates and cookies. There sweet are very popular for other area as souvenir.
Address: Kotoni1-7, Nishi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
Tel: 011-615-1688 Open: am11:30~pm8 Holiday: Monday

Every year, snow atatues and ice sculputure are made by many people for two months.
In executor, the Self-Defense Forces, private companies, for eigner and so on participat in the festival.
You can see from small pieces to big grand statues. These give us impression!! Please welcome to snow festival.
Snow Festival ( from 1st Monday to 2nd Sunday in February)

Other Famous Places

Hot springs (Tokachi, Jyozankei, )
Ski / snowbound
Sapporo International Ski Area



Airport Hokkaido has one international airport new –chitose airport. However, it is smaller than Narita Airport and Kansai Airport. So if you want to come to Hokkaido, you will transfer to airplane. You can access from your hometown to Hokkaido easily.

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Vis Ship & Japan Railroad You will spend relax time on the ship or train seeing sea view or landscape.
These photos I took are when I went back to Hokkaido in summer vacation on the ship during sunset.
I was very impressive because the sunset was fantastic and as if I could forget reality for a split second.
If you take ship, you may meet beautiful scenes.

Could you understand charms of Hokkaido?
Hokkaido is much younger than old city like Kyoto but it had wonderful places, food, nature and so on.
I love Hokkaido. If you can come to Hokkaido, you love it at once, too.
I hope so many people will come to Hokkaido in the future!! You will be absessed by the charm of Hokkaido!! Hokkaido people are very kind, so you will never lose coming!!

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